Wireless sensor network for industrial monitoring

The IwD Wireless Sensor family of transceivers connects to a variety of industrial sensors, for the purpose of remote wireless monitoring and control. A robust and efficient wireless link is the basis to migrating from cabling to wireless data collection, or in some cases for starting to monitor data at points where it was not previously feasible.

The TRX-AI transceiver connects to a RTD (e.g. PT100) sensor or a 4-20 mA current input. It includes a superior performance two-way radio with an internal antenna, and is compact and unobtrusive. Designed for ultra-low power consumption, it combines long range and reliable communication with long battery life. The product has versions for different unlicensed frequency bands from UHF to 915 MHz.

Device registration, configuration, control and time synchronization, are done remotely by the system so that field programming is not required. Upon activation, the transceiver begins to sample and transmit data, with the following options:

Data is collected at the monitoring computer via the network gateway(s) for real-time viewing, storage and historic analysis. In addition to measurements, the transceiver sends alert (e.g. low battery) and control messages.

Data Sheet

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