Wireless sensor network for industrial monitoring

The IwD Wireless Gateway family of transceivers acts as the interface between the wireless network and the backend system. All data messages from wireless sensors are routed through a Collector, which also synchronizes time and manages network traffic. The Collector’s Ethernet port enables its connection to a remote computer through a local area network (LAN).

Two-way communication enables efficient use of the wireless medium, as well as two-way functions such as on-demand reading and diagnostics. Device registration, configuration and control are done remotely by the system so that field programming of wireless sensors is not required.

The network control software at the backend computer can handle multiple collectors (practically unlimited), making it simple to expand the system to a large number of monitored wireless sensors. Coding and encryption enable the collector to suppress signals from neighboring networks, thus allowing multiple collectors to seamlessly operate in the same coverage area.

The Repeater transceiver acts as a range extender for wireless sensors to reach the collector from a longer distance. It has the same form factor as the collector. Repeaters are also configured remotely from the collector.

Data Sheet

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