Control Center

Wireless sensor network for industrial monitoring

The IwD Wireless Sensor Gateway (WSG) Control Center software is a simple management, control and reporting tool for multiple IwD wireless sensor networks. The user of the software can create and configure all devices remotely from the desktop, avoiding any need for programming, configuration or calibration of wireless sensors in the field. Data can be collected from wireless sensors on a scheduled basis and also on-demand by remote interrogation.

A snapshot of all the wireless sensors, as well as repeaters and collectors, is viewable in real-time. This System View includes current measurement data, alerts and diagnostic data.

Historic reports and graphs are available for review, and historic data is also exportable to other systems using standard CSV text files.

Host SCADA systems may also poll the WSG Control Center using Modbus TCP/IP protocol, making the integration of the wireless system simple and straightforward as if it were a wired data acquisition system.

The Control Center architecture is based on a database layer which processes and stores messages received from the field, and an application layer, which provides the interface to the user and to host systems. The software can be installed on Windows XP - please contact us for information on other operating systems if needed.

Tested and proven for reliability and performance, the WSG Control Center features a simple, yet powerful interface that enables the dramatic change of migrating to wireless data acquisition, without the inconvenience of modifications in existing information systems.

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