Wireless sensor network for industrial monitoring

Relying on IwDs field proven radio design and extensive know-how in low-power wireless networks, we have introduced in 2009 a new product line Wireless Sensor Network systems for industrial monitoring.

Ranging from the process industry to agriculture to building automation, wireless sensors have shown tremendous potential in cost savings and convenience, from the installation of a data acquisition system to its ongoing operation. Reliability, longevity and cost efficiency are major factors that affect the successful adoption of wireless sensor networks in the market.

With years of experience in innovative solutions for low power wireless networks, IwD is introducing a reliable and mature system design with several key advantages:

IwDs Wireless Sensor Network is a full solution from sensor interface, through the network nodes and to the Control Center Software. Based on a star network topology, wireless sensors may communicate with the collector gateways directly or through repeaters. Collectors have a TCP/IP network interface, and perform the protocol translation between the wireless network and the computer local area network. Each collector is accessible from any computer that is on the same IP network. Remote configuration and control of the network is handled by the Control Center software, which also serves as a data archive, a real-time monitoring platform and historical reports tool.

Control Center

The IwD Wireless Sensor Gateway (WSG) Control Center software is a simple management, control and reporting tool for multiple IwD wireless sensor networks Read More


The IwD Wireless Gateway family of transceivers acts as the interface between the wireless network and the backend system Read More


The IwD Wireless Sensor family of transceivers connects to a variety of industrial sensors, for the purpose of remote wireless monitoring and control Read More

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