RF Design Group
Wide knowledge base, skilled engineers, covering variety fields of RF design and a portfolio which presents an entire spectrum of engineering capabilities
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Software Group
IwD's highly qualified staff has vast experience in software development for wireless system under demanding real time requirements, strict energy regime and low processing resources
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Wireless Networks
The growing need for low cost, low power wireless networks solutions is now a well established fact. IwD's vast experience in wireless network design plays a key role for our customersread more


Radio Devices and Wireless Networks Engineering Design House

Israel wireless Devices (IwD) is an engineering design house specializing in wireless communication systems and radio devices. IwD engineering services cover the entire product development cycle, from an initial concept to an establishment of production lines

IwD staff is a group of experts with tens of years of experience and a background of numerous successful projects, simple and complex, in the field of wireless communication. As a group and as individuals IwD staff brings a mature, responsible and realistic attitude balanced by a spirit of initiative, innovativeness and inventiveness

Industrial Monitoring
Relying on IwDs field proven radio design and extensive know-how in low-power wireless networks, we have introduced in 2009 a new product line Wireless Sensor Network systems for industrial monitoringread more

Texas Instruments Third Party

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